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Australian Lebanese Historical Society Inc.

The Australian Lebanese Historical Society was established in Sydney in 2000. The objectives of the Society are to encourage, assist and promote the study of Lebanese migration and settlement in Australia and to publicise the contributions of the Lebanese community to Australian society.

The Lebanese have been settling in Western Australia since the 1890s when there were also sizeable communities in Sydney and Adelaide. Fremantle was a disembarkation point for many Australian Lebanese (often described in archival records as ‘Syrians’) where they undertook dictation tests and other formalities for admission to Australia. Some continued by ship or overland to the eastern states, others settled in WA. There are currently about 203,000 people of Lebanese Ancestry in Australia, 76,451 born in Lebanon. Most (72% ) have settled in Sydney and the rest are scattered in the other capitals.

The Society has a President assisted by a Board of Directors who come from the different States of Australia. Currently, the Society has around 200 members and a newsletter is published quarterly. A branch of the Society has been established in Western Australia and the Convenor of this branch is a member of the Board of Directors. The WA branch of the society is Affiliated with the Royal WA Historical Society.

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Mrs Anne-Marie Wharrie,
Board Member,
Australian Lebanese Historical Society Inc.
Email:; Ph. 0410 043 481

Correspondence to:
PO Box 712
Coogee NSW 2034