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Become an affiliate

A network of affiliated historical societies, comprising more than seventy organisations and over two thousand members has been developed across Western Australia.

Become an affiliate

These societies play an active role in growing community awareness and appreciation of local history and heritage through the preservation, recording and promotion of their respective district histories. There may be groups in Western Australia who want to form a society with similar interests. See Affiliated Societies Guidelines for Forming New Societies that has been prepared to assist those groups.

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society’s Annual State History Conference of Affiliated Societies provides opportunities for members to meet each other and gain valuable knowledge from guest speakers and workshops.

Tours and events are from time to time are conducted in partnership with Affiliated Societies.

The Society invites historical societies and other like-minded organisations to become Affiliates. Just fill in the email Membership Application Form.

Keeping up-to-date with our affiliates

Every year we ask you for your current contact details and activity report by completing and submitting the Annual Activity Report including the Annual Activities Guidelines . This will allow us to regularly update the entry for your society in the list of Affiliated Societies on this website.

Benefits of being an affiliate

Benefits of being an affiliate

The Affiliated Societies are a vibrant sector across the state whose members contribute and share their enthusiasms for Western Australian history and the preserving of historical knowledge.

Professional Support

The Society can provide assistance and advice to affiliated societies and groups regarding management of an historical society, organisation of materials and support in grant applications. The Affiliated Societies Committee’s members have had many years of practical experience in running a society or applying for grants and are willing to share this experience with affiliated members.

Free journals and events

Members receive the newsletter History West, which is published monthly except for January and the annual journal Early Days that features talks given at the Society’s general meetings. The monthly general meetings are open to all members free of charge and are entitled to receive a discount on the various tours and events.
In conjunction with Affiliated Societies the Society can arrange joint events such as local heritage days.

Annual State History Conference

Each year the Society holds its State History Conference of Affiliated Societies which is hosted by one of its affiliated societies.
The Affiliates Committee, on behalf of the Society, presents a Merit Award at the Annual Conference. This is awarded to the Affiliated Society who is judged to have been outstanding in improving and promoting their organisation, including caring for their collection and the history of their community.

Free Access to RWAHS Library

Affiliated membership entitles your members to free access to the extensive research library and its research services.

Affiliated Societies Committee and RWAHS Council

The Affiliated Societies Committee represents the interests of Affiliated Societies and assists the host society to organise the Annual Royal Western Australian History Conference of Affiliated Societies. Committee members are elected each year at the annual conference. The Affiliated Societies are also represented on the RWAHS’ Council by two representatives from this Committee. This enables Affiliates to participate in the running of their parent body.