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Fremantle History Society

Fremantle History Society

The Fremantle History Society was established in October 1994 and for over 20 years the organisation has encouraged the research of Fremantle’s history and continues to share this knowledge with members and the community in general. The society works closely with the Fremantle History Centre at the Fremantle City Library to encourage the collection of Fremantle’s History. The Society’s objectives are principally to disseminate information about Fremantle history in a variety of forms –- public lectures, meetings, newsletters and other publications, walking tours, exhibitions, etc; to encourage the study, recording and public awareness of Fremantle history and cultural heritage in all its diversity; to promote the identification and preservation of historical evidence in the form of records, documents, photographs and objects relating to the Fremantle area and to arrange social gatherings of members and friends to promote the Society’s work.

The society has an active committee which holds monthly meetings at the Fremantle History Centre. Ten general meetings are held, usually on the fourth Tuesday of each month and often in the Fremantle Town Hall (pictured above) which members may attend.  General meetings are in the form of lectures or tours and are often held at a venue related to the topic. This gives members an opportunity to visit some of the historic places in Fremantle and learn more about their history.

In addition to general meetings a newsletter is published quarterly which includes articles about Fremantle and reports on meetings held. The society won Fremantle’s Spirit of Heritage Award in 2013 for the publication of 70 newsletters to that date; the newsletter remains an important way to communicate with members. A face book page and blog (website) are also used to spread information about the Society’s activities. The society also organises an annual Studies Day where four research papers are presented. Every two years the papers are published in the Society’s journal Fremantle Studies. In 2014, to celebrate the society’s 20th anniversary, the society launched the Biennial Fremantle History Society Scholarship to encourage the research of Fremantle’s history. In 2016, a second scholarship will be awarded thanks to the generous support of Fremantle Ports.

Hon. President
Judith Robison
Hon. Secretary
Kristi McNulty
Hon. Treasurer
Pam Harris
Address Contact

Fremantle History Society
PO Box 1305
Fremantle WA 6959