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Midland and Districts Historical Society Inc.

Midland and Districts Historical Society Inc.

n June 2013, Matthew Pavlinovich set up a Facebook page entitled “Remember Midland”. Subsequently over a period of time a large amount of attention was generated.

Because of this interest, in mid 2016 Matthew sought to arrange a gathering of those who might be interested in establishing a historical society as an Incorporated Association to focus on Midland and surrounds, but not those adjacent areas with established societies such as Guildford.

Resulting from this Forum it has been assessed that it would be viable to proceed with becoming an Incorporated Association known as the Midland and Districts Historical Society.

The Object of the Society

  • To preserve and promote by reasonable means authentic historical records and any other preserved items relevant to the history of Midland and the areas covered by the Postcode 6056.
  • To acquire, preserve any goods, chattles, photographs, document electronic information and other assets relevant to the Societie’s Objects.
  • To cooperate with other Historical Societieis to promote the history of Western Australia.


Hon. President
Matthew Pavlinovich
Hon. Secretary
Donald Butler
Hon. Treasurer
Susan Butler
Address Contact

1/49 George Street