Iron in the Fire


' Iron in the Fire ' by Edgar Morrow. 1896-1953, was born in Lancashire, England and arrived in WA as a youth of 12 with his family to go farming at Dongerlocking.

At start of WW 1, he enlisted in 28th Battalion A.I.F., attaining rank of Corporal and served in Gallipoli and France, where he was twice wounded.

Based on Morrow's diary and letters back home. It is mainly regarding Morrow's Western Front experiences.

First published in 1934, it's one of the few literary works from Western Australian authors of their experiences during the War and is considered among the best from an Australian writing about that great conflict. It certainly found success among the returned diggers. It was said to be one of the most interesting of the Australian written War Books which by 1934 included Red Dust The Desert Column Hell's Bells and Mademoiselles Jacka's Mob and The Gallant Company . This book is a professionally

produced reprint of that history. Good one for medal or genealogy research !

After the war Marrow joined the WA Police in 1920 and his service took him to many remote parts of the State. In 1937 The Law Provides, an account of his adventurous career in the North West and Kimberley, was published. He also wrote several plays for the ABC and was a contributor to The Diggers Diary page of the old Western Mail using the pseudonym of "E 28".

In 1922 he married Mary Forrest and of their five children, Harry, Margaret, Bevan, Forrest and Ann, two, Harry and Forrest, served in the WA Police Force. He died in 1953 while still a serving member of the Police Force.

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