The Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Inc.)

49 Broadway, Nedlands, cnr Clark Street, WA 6009

RWAHS 20th Century Historic Photo Exhibition

As part of the National Trust Heritage Festival, the Royal WA Historical Society will be holding a week-long historic photographic exhibition at Stirling House Monday 28 April to Sunday 4 May. Weekdays from 10:30am to 3.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 5pm.  

Photographs and diaries of great interest and historic importance will be on show in the Society's museum and reference library. The book shop will also be open.


 Children in whaler's trypot, early 1900s.

               RWAHS Image UN447

After viewing the exhibits, a donation of $5 to the Society will provide visitors with a hot cuppa and a bikkie  in our alfresco tearoom.   


Situated in Stirling House, 49 Broadway, Nedlands, and open 9.30am to 5pm weekdays, the Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Inc) was formed in 1926 to give present and future generations access to the history of Western Australia. In just over 80 years the Society has grown from a small group of people interested in preserving the history of Western Australia to one with a royal charter, the home of a fascinating museum with a unique art collection, an extensive reference library, a boutique bookshop and a photographic collection.


 Our Mission

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society’s mission is to:

  • foster interest in and enjoyment of Western Australian history
  • foster and promote research, writing and publication about all aspects of Western Australian history
  • recognise outstanding achievement in Western Australian historical research, education and publication
  • be recognised as a leader in the promotion of the history of Western Australia
  • cooperate with all others in the field in the study and promotion of the history of Western Australia
  • be a recognised resource for Western Australian history to complement State collections
  • be recognised as an advocate in the conservation and promotion of the State’s cultural heritage
  • encourage and support local affiliated societies throughout the State.

You can find out all about the Royal Western Australian Historical Society, its background, activities and more by exploring this website further.